Want to Use Your Company Blog to Get More Leads? Read This

You have a company. You have a website. You have a blog.

You know that somehow your blog should be bringing you more customers. But you don’t really understand how.

At some point there was a “guru” who told you that having a blog is essential. They said that you need to blog regularly. But what you need are leads. And you have no idea how blogging is supposed to translate to getting more of them.

The Secret to Getting More Leads From Your Blog

If your blog is going to help you generate leads, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Because, on it’s own, a blog isn’t going to accomplish much.

Your blog needs to be part of a broader “content marketing” strategy.

Let’s talk about what that means…

What is content marketing? 

When done right it means you provide useful content to potential customers as a way of building relationships with them.

How does content marketing build relationships?

Good content shows potential customers your expertise. It teaches them things. It solves problems they’ve encountered in their field. It makes them see you as a thought leader.

As a thought leader, you are liked and trusted. People do business with companies they like and trust.

Can you give me an example of content marketing in action?

Sure. Let’s imagine a scenario where a potential customer goes from knowing nothing about you to becoming a valuable lead…

How a Casual Blog Reader Turns into a Valuable Lead

Step 1: Discovery

A potential customer is surfing the web and they come across an article you wrote. The title seems relevant to them. They’ve been struggling with a problem recently…

The title of your article indicates that it can help them solve their problem.

Step 2: Clickthrough

They click the link. As they had hoped, the article contains useful information. It specifically addresses the problem they’ve been having. They’re impressed by your insight in their field.

Reading your article has helped them to come up with potential solutions.

Step 3: White Paper

While reading your article, they notice that you’ve also written a white paper on a topic they’ve been thinking about. The white paper offers more information that would be highly useful to them.

They decide that they’d like to read it.

Step 4: Opt-in

In order to access the white paper, they need to give you their email address. They don’t like giving out their contact information. But since they’re starting to think of you as a thought leader, they have a strong desire to know more.

They provide their email address and download the white paper.

Step 5: Trust Building

They receive periodic emails from you. The emails are useful and they appreciate your insight. They don’t want to miss out on the next email because it could provide information that is interesting or useful.

They stay subscribed and get more useful information from you over time.

 Step 6: The Vendor Selection Process

When they first stumbled on your website, they were just looking for useful information. They weren’t making a list of potential vendors. But now, down the road, they are. They know your company and trust your expertise.

They make a list of potential vendors. You feature prominently on that list.

The 3 Key Elements of Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are 3 basic pieces you need to put together to form a content marketing strategy.

#1 Your Content

Your content needs to position you as a thought leader. It needs to be useful. You need to regularly churn out material that helps people become more familiar with your company and solves problems. Your blog falls into this category.

#2 Your Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is like a carrot hanging from the end of a stick. It helps you get people to subscribe to your email list. It comes in the form of a PDF document that provides information that is highly useful to them. This can take the form of a white paper, special report or case study.

#3 Your Email Marketing

There are two types of emails… Emails that people want to receive and emails they don’t. You need to be in the first category. If you provide useful and interesting information, people will be happy to get your emails. If you don’t, they will think of you as spam.

How the 3 Elements Fit Together to Earn You More Business

In an upcoming blog we’ll go into more detail about each of the 3 elements. We’ll also talk about how they fit together. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime… If you need help putting these 3 key elements together, I can help. Here’s how you can hire me.